Happy Staint Patrick’s Day from steve mckenzie’s!

Saint Patrick’s Day… The perfect day for romance, no? Well, it is for Steve and Jill – it’s was actually the day of their very first date! Who says Saint Valentine is the only Saint of love?!?

Beyond this special anniversary, St. Patrick’s Day also holds a special place in Jill’s heart – and with a maiden name like McCann, who couldn’t see why? She’s half Irish on her dad’s side, so there’s another great excuse to celebrate!

Steve & Jill McKenzie

If you’re still looking for something festive to do in the city tonight, there are plenty of St. Patty’s Day celebrations going on – take a look here.


And, in the spirit of the holiday, take a look at this history of Saint Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland. How about that “drowning the shamrock” tradition?!? Pretty neat stuff!


In addition to St. Patrick’s day being the anniversary of Steve and Jill’s first date, it’s also such a fun day to celebrate with the kiddoes! Back in the day, the McKenzie kids would look forward to green pancakes for breakfast on St. Patrick’s day! Here’s a fun take on green pancakes from Betty Crocker, enjoy!

We wish you all the luck o’ the Irish today and never ending pots of gold at the end of your rainbows – happy Saint Patrick’s day!

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