Chill the champagne, it’s almost time for the countdown!

Can you believe we’ve almost made it to 2015?!? Where has this last year gone??? Well, we can tell you, we’ve spent a lot of time moving… Not only did we move the showroom to our new location, we moved … Continue reading

The Art of Holiday Dis-Decorating

Sure, you may have your tried and true methods of decorating for the holidays, but did you know there can be an art to the way you dis-decorate? It’s true, take it from our own organizational maven and Wonder Mom, … Continue reading

Museum Monday: ‘Wild Things’ Exhibition at The Breman Museum – And a Special Discount!

Like many parents out there, one of our favorite books to read to our children when they were younger was Where the Wild Things Are… So, when we heard there’s an exhibit featuring works by ‘Wild Things’ author and illustrator, … Continue reading

Special Pieces… Just for your holiday table.

Have you begun breaking out your traditional holiday linens and tableware and realize you may need to spruce things up a bit this year? You know, nothing a new set of glasses or napkins couldn’t fix. And they could be … Continue reading

Don’t forget the mailman! And other gift-recipients who should be on your list this year…

Aside from the family and friends you’ll be celebrating the holiday with this year, do you think about those out-of-the-box recipients who always fall to the end of the list to receive re-gifts, last-minute crafts, or are forgotten all together? … Continue reading

On the Cutting Edge of Jewelry Design: Mark Edge – and a special discount!

You know when you see a memorable piece of jewelry. Sometimes a unique piece will make you stop in your tracks and question a total stranger about the beautiful baubles they’re donning. Be that person stopped on the street, thanks … Continue reading

steve mckenzie’s Gift Guide for the Guys

So, there are tons of gift guides circulating… And, sure, plenty of cool items. But we’re especially excited about this gift guide we’re sharing with you today because it’s just for the guys! If there’s any one thing we hear … Continue reading

So much more than ornaments… The Eric Cortina Collection

You know those unique and beautiful ornaments you always treasured as you decorated your Christmas tree as a child? The ones that always stood out because they were a bit different, and maybe super fragile… Well, we’re here to share … Continue reading